What is a good online source for weightlifting?

Coach Burgener of Mike's Gym

Coach Burgener of Mike’s Gym

I received this text this morning.  Wow, where to start?  Of course with ‘needs analysis’.  What do you mean by weightlifting?  What exactly are you looking for? Turns out my friend Erin joined a straight-up crossfit gym (woohoo, you go girl) and is curious.  She has only done a few lifts and wants to know more.  You can tell she is getting the bug.  I asked who her coach was (they all have different styles) and what her experience was so far.

I pointed her to YouTube, the best thing for weightlifting since the barbell and two very trusted resources.  Given her affiliation with CrossFit (and not some independent barbell club), I pointed her to Coach B (Mike Bergener) and Chad Vaughn.  These are both good places to start and will stay in the style that her current coach is teaching.  I had the pleasure of training with both of these wonderful people and they are a very good place to start.

Chad Vaughn's Big Snatch Pull

Chad Vaughn’s Big Snatch Pull

As Erin progresses my suggestions will change.  If she had different goals, affiliations, or coaches, my recommendation would change as well.  I look forward to going on this journey with her!