Throw Back Thursday

American Open Weightlifting Championships December 2013

American Open Weightlifting Championships December 2013

A new year is a good time to reflect on where you were 12 months ago.  Every time I do this it feels like it was so long ago that I am not even the same person.  I believe that is a good thing.

These are the top ten things that changed for me this year:

  1. I went from ‘working out’ to ‘training’.
  2. I went from ‘eating’ to ‘fueling my body’.
  3. I went from fighting my weaknesses to maximizing my strengths.
  4. I went from hiding my enormous legs to being proud of them.
  5. I went from dieting to ‘bulking and cutting’.
  6. I went from dabbling in olympic weightlifting to being a national competitor.
  7. I went from killing myself at work to a more efficient contractor role.
  8. I went from worrying about spending enough time with my children to worrying about setting a good example for them.
  9. I went from worrying about my legacy to being able to die today.
  10. I went from a lot of friends who don’t share my values to a very few who make me a better person.
Starting Strength

Wendy’s First Weightlifting Experience – Starting Strength with Mark Rippetoe!

How have you changed this last year?