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Leaning In to a CFO Position in New York (Happy April 1st!)

Mo Money Mo ProblemsAs you know, I have been all about money my whole life – manipulating markets, creating inefficiencies, and generally living a very green life by not building anything that would end-up in a landfill.  It is with great pleasure that I announce that I have been secretly pursuing my degree in Finance.  I am abandoning my nerd life in Silicon Valley to pursue something far more valued in the world – the reporting and regulation of money and finances for a major bank in New York.  The time was right, I decided to listen to my friends and coworkers and Lean In more.

Startup Talk at the Walmart Global User Excellence Summit

Wendy Spies and Elliot Loh at the 2013 Walmart User Excellence Summit

Wendy Spies and Elliot Loh at the 2013 Walmart User Excellence Summit

I had the pleasure of hob-nobbing with big-wigs at the Walmart User Excellence Summit last week in San Bruno. I used my 5 minute introduction time to speak about how I think about being in ‘The Zone’  at work. Fellow entrepreneur Elliot Loh and I talked about using our common denominators (Trilogy and creating our own consultancies) as a way explore the opportunities around us. We also both believed that ‘swimming up stream’ is the best way to influence and encourage great product and economic outcomes for our customers.

The framework I use to find the job that is right for me is T.O.P. – aligning Talent, Opportunity, and Passion. You can find more details here, on my corporate blog with the Great Bridge Group. Enjoy!

When was the last job you had where your Talent, Opportunity, and Passion perfectly aligned?