intuit's easysaver
summer + fall 2009
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user: the small business owner who uses quickbooks

need: save me time and money when replenishing my inventory

solution: as of august 2009, easysaver is in pre-alpha. we started the project in mid-may with the hypothesis that small businesses wanted to see how they were doing compared to others and then build on that knowledge to save in key areas. through user feedback we determined that the comparative aspect was not the big win. the big win is automating the process of building a shopping list based on order fulfillment and previous purchases. the user's delight is in providing big savings on those needed products.

what i did: i owned the product concepts (wireframes), flows, strategic testing, marketing messages and user interactions.

leadership role: working with a junior team of one product manager, two engineer and part-time junior visual designer and researcher, i helped the team learn the product design process. we did everything from identifying the user and solution, to engineering the product and developing the bigger roadmap. this product is one of the top two strategic initiatives (both of which i own) for quickbooks 2010, which has revenue projections of over $500 million.

wireframes: today, vision for tomorrow
user tests: research findings (ppt)
designs: office supplies, cell phones, landing page

intuit's customer manager
summer + fall 2008
intuit's customer manager online thumbnail

user: small businesses with more than one employee who comes in contact with the same customer

need: be able to answer my customer's question in less than a minute

solution: customer manager is a contact relationship management system for small businesses. it is a web product that combines information from quickbooks, excel and email. it offers customer information, notes and activities and a company-wide calendar. customer manager enables small businesses to easily access and communicate all customer activity across the organization.

what i did: i assumed control over the product after alpha. the project had stalled and the user feedback was overwhelmingly negative. i simplified the information hierarchy, interactions, and product vision and shipped the first version of customer manager in four months. we grew the number of delighted small businesses from 0 to 6500 without any marketing or PR.

leadership role: partnered with one senior PM, i mentored four junior product managers, a visual designer and a researcher. while on this project, to support customer manager, i also partnered with another PM to set the strategic direction for the intuit SaaS platform supporting everything from signup and sign-in to user management and data integration. first year expected revenue of the platform is $30 million.

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before: home page, customer page
after: home page, customer page
example wireframe

counsyl's preconception quiz
fall 2008
take the preconception quiz

user: couples who are thinking about conceiving a child

need: determine the odds that my partner and i will pass on a genetic disorder to our child. help me take action on those results, if necessary.

solution: the preconception quiz is a simple wizard to help potential parents input their family history in order to understand their odds of passing on a genetic disorder to their child. this is the first product of its kind, pushing personal genomics from a vanity product to something that is actually useful and actionable for consumers. users take this quiz and then receive a genetics test to determine their child's odds of getting hundreds of diseases. if the likelihood is high, counsyl provides steps that customers can take to mitigate those risks for their future child.

what i did: i created the initial flows, the user interactions and the visual designs. i worked with engineers to build the quiz. it became live in the fall of 2009.

leadership role: partnered with one founder, we created the end-to-end product flow from the graphical and written content to the interactions.

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whole flow: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

intuit's i will just start! marketing campaign
fall 2007
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user: small business owner

need: obtain the tools and community support i need to build a successful business

solution: the i will just start campaign was intuit's first viral contest that became the model for campaigns that followed. we ran a contest for several small business grants, extended free tools to all entrants, and offered professional and peer advice to their toughest questions.

what i did: i brainstormed with the team on every aspect of the campaign and developed the end-to-end online experience from wireframes to implemented code. we developed web widgets and partnered with bloggers to ignite virality and SEO. i also created the facebook quiz that drove120,000 unique visitors.

leadership role: i worked with a marketing and engineering team to guide them through their first product design experience. we worked incredibly quickly, developing the entire award-winning experience from brainstorm to live site in weeks. received 2500 contest entries and pledges with 22,000 votes cast by the public. distributed over 300,000 CDs and downloads of quickbooks.

awards: groundswell award 2008: energizing, warrillow marketing campaign of the year award

hive7 online world
fall 2005
hive7's massively multiplayer online world

user: online social gamer

need: meet friends and new people online in a personalized, interactive space

solution: hive7 gives people a place to get together and have fun. users can drag, drop and delete graphics to create their own online rooms. they can then invite their friends or have strangers drop by and interact with both the space and the people occupying it. hive7 combines a web site with an interactive game.

what i did: i created the product concepts and visual and interactive designs.

leadership role: i worked with the engineering-founder and the venture capitalist to create everything from the product concept to the rollover interaction of the close button. i also managed several production illustrators in russia to produce assets for the online world. google's lively was released more than three years later. the product now lives in facebook. the company is profitable and growing.

product details: visual specification (html), product specification (word), wireframes (pdf)
reviews: om malik, mashable, blogoscoped